Liam’s ability to make a musical impact is multifaceted, spanning the full process of music making.  I’ve found his music compositions to be simple yet profound, both lyrically and contextually. One particular song, simply arranged with resonator guitar and vocals, has brought me to tears on multiple occasions.  He’s told me his life’s ambition is to simply ‘make records until I die,’ and to that I say, hell yes. I have no doubt Liam will continue to make great sounding records and impactful music
— Casey Marnocha (Arete Audio, Oozing Wound, Catacombz)
I’ve never seen a harder working musician. This man is obsessed.  It’s a rare and special experience to come across a musician as versatile and open minded...
— Julia Blair (Dusk, Holy Sheboygan!)
Liam is my favorite collaborator - his ears are wickedly on point, he is always honest about what he feels will be best for a project, and he is good at enabling other people’s ideas....he’s also just a good hang.
— Mike Noyce (The Tallest Man On Earth, Aero Flynn, Bon Iver)
Liam O’Brien is the kind of guy you want to work on your records. He isn’t afraid to dive into new territory, and his workflow is informed by a sonic curiosity that finds delight in all genres of music. Liam is prepared to go deep to fully realize the best possible version of a song. His goal is always to serve the song, and to help the artists he works with get at the core of what makes a song tick. The sense of community Liam curates in every project he works on and the intense work ethic and commitment he brings to the table will always set Liam apart.
— Jared Bartman (Moon Ruin)
In a conservatory built on very traditional, classical singing, Liam, a progressive-thinking folk rocker, made an example for the others by showing bullshit for what it is and setting an uncomfortably real standard for otherwise coddled students of “serious” music through his innate drive to find personal and honest ways of saying through text and music the things that urgently need to be said, and saying it in a way that made you pay attention.
— John T. Gates (Voice Professor)
Liam somehow inhabits that hard to find state that exists between theory and feeling, harnessing its power to create the best musical idea.
— D'Amato
...his songwriting exceeds the skills of many better-known musicians. He approaches music as a leader and as someone who wants to continually learn from others.
— Matt Pappas (The Fatty Acids, Platinum Boys)
Liam O’Brien is thoughtful (musically, artistically, personally), kind, dedicated, and true to himself and his artistic vision, which he is unafraid to re-examine and change if necessary. His journey is an ever-evolving process, and I’m eager and curious to see where his musical adventures and experimentations take him.
— Ronald Foster (Composer/Conductor)